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  Peshawar Nights, Shia Islam in Sunni Traditions

  Then I was Guided

  The Right Path - Shiite - Sunni Dialogue

  Questions on Jurisprudence 

  The Shiites under Attack

  The Shia are the Real Ahl Al -Sunnah

  Christ in Islam  - Islam & Christianity

  Muslim Christian Dialouge- Islam & Christianity

  Answering Islam -Islam & Christianity

  Are SHIA Muslims ?

  Christian Beliefs

  Alleged Divintiy Of JESUS (P)

  Misconceptions About SHIAISM

  Who Invented The Trinity ?

  About Prayers

  Compulsion Or Freedom ?

  Divinity Of JESUS

  Ahmad Deedat Site

  Why Investigate Islam

  12 Successors

  Was the Quran copied from the Bible ?

  The Origional Sin

  The Truth about Christmas

  Is Jesus the Way? 

  A Closer Look at Christianity

  A Shi'ite Encyclopedia

  Imamate: The Vicegerency of the Prophet (S)

  Was JESUS Born On December 25th 

  Incompatability Between Islam and Christianity 

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  True Sects in Islam

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The Spiritual Message of Shi'ism

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What Jesus (P) said about Christmas

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Concept of God : Comparison between the Quran and the Bible

Arguments of the Qur'an against the belief of Trinity

Missionary Christianity

Muhammad in the Bible

Origin of Christian beliefs

Islamic  Concepts

Cultural Relations
Divine Justice
Divinity Of Jesus
Ijtihad,Taqleed And Marja'a
Nature Of Allah
Reflections On Islam And modern life
Islamic Rights
Basic Teaching Of Islam
Temporary Marriages
Uniqueness Of "THE QURA'N"
World Peace
"Yaumal Jumuah"
Benefits Of FASTING
Introduction To The Holy Month
Prophet's Sermon
God-An Islamic Perspective
Attributes Of God
Occasions Of Ramadhan
Hajj the Enchanting Journey
Mecca the Place of Revelation
Eid Al Ghadir Festival
Miracle Of Islam
How Does Islam Regard Other Religions
Man and Relgion
The Meaning of Islam
Knowledge - Practice and  Propagation
Divine Justice
The Attributes of the Divine Being
Man's Situation in the Intermediate Realm
Basic Teaching of Islam
The Evils of Westernization
Equality Before the Law
Aim of Prayers
Introduction to Islam
Salat (Prayers)
EID A Return To The Original State Of Purity
Pilgrimage - Hajj
Eid Al-Azha a "Tremendous Sacrifice"?
Life after death
Sharia'h (Islamic Law)
Exploring Islam
Purgatory (A'laam Al-Barzakh)
The Disbelievers
Fiqh Action & Neccesity of Taqleed
The Day of Resurrection
Taqleed according to Ayatullah Seestani
HAJJ - Journey of Lifetime
Doubts in connection with Prayer
Branches of religion
Makkka's water of Benison (Blessing) ZAM ZAM
Events after the Migration
History of the Kaaba
Marriages of the Prophet
Meaning of Islam
TAQLEED- Following the Fatwas
The Holy Month of Ramadhan





  Halal And Haram


  Inner Peace

  Islam And Racism

  Islam And Violence

  Sex  IN ISLAM 

  In The Land Of MINA

  The New Convert

  Striving For Right Guidance

  Wayside Wisdom




  The Verdict on MUSIC IN ISLAM

  Do's and Don'ts of eating & drinking

  Never Show off what you do for God


 Islam and Alcoholic Drinks 

 Islam and Class

 Islam and Racism

 The Mainspring of Inner Peace 

 The Nature of Moral Values

 The Tradition of Kindness 

 Why Cultural Decay?

 The Goals of Islamic Education



 Religion of Justice and Humanity

 Morals of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

 Heart in the Quran

Q and A

Religious Edicts on KHUMS
Islamic Decisions concerning Food Part 1
Islamic Decisions concerning Food Part 2
Islam and Domestic Violence
If God is Loving, Why Punish anyone?
The Black Stone of the Kaaba?
Does Islam allow abortion ?
Alcohol and Muslims
What does Islam say about abortion?
Fatwas  on  HAJJ
The Qur'an - Its Protection from Alteration
What are some of the rights of women?
Homosexuality in Islam?
Why Quran allows men 4 wives
Was Islam spread by the Sword ?
Why the Prophet married many wives ?
What does Jehad mean ?
Fate and Destiny"
Inquiries About ISLAM
Q and A Geography
Religious Enquiries
Womens Rights
What Is Mut'a
Questions on MUT'A
22 Q And A
The Prophet's Marriages
Islam- Minus the Myths
Why Pork Is Harmful ?
Why the demolition of Baqee ?
Who are Ahlul Bayt (as) ?
Awaiting Imam Mahdi (as) Symptoms & Signs
Who are Ulu'l Amr


 Islam And The Family
Rights Of Women Under Islam
Problem Of Social Intercourse
Women Should Be Pure And Educated
Position Of Women
A View Of The Dowry
Kind To Mothers
How to Guide your children to success?
Women in Islam
Why are Women turning to Islam 
Mutual Rights Of Husbands And Wives
A Fathers Family Duties
Husbands' Role in Making his wife Happy
Keeping Promises to Children
Polygamy in Islam, Conditions & Advantages
Women In A QUR'ANIC Society 
Women Of Islam 
Why Are Women Turning To Islam?
Marriage In Islam
Islam and the Position of Women 
Islam and the Family 
Islam and divorce 
Temporary Marriages 
Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage 
Virtues of Hejab 
Hazrat Zainab (as) 
Quran and Women 
Womens Dress in the Quran 
Women in a Quranic Society 
Status of Women as seen from the Quran 
Laws of Marriage 
Hijab (The Islamic Veil)
Status of Parents in the Quran
The Reality of Hijab
Distorted Image of Muslim Women
Women in Islam
Women in Islam Versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition:   The Myth and The Reality -THE VEIL ? 
Essay on Marriage
Scientific discourse about Women
Sayed Shuhada (AS)

Sayyedah Al-Zahra (AS)

Sayyedah Zainab (AS)

Imam Zainulabideen (AS)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Imam Al - Sadiqe (AS) in Others views

Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (AS)

Imam Hussein (AS)

The 8th Imam- Imam Al-Reda (AS)

Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq (AS)

Prophets Birthday Ushers in Unity Week

Prophets (P) Conduct

Prophet Muhammad (P) & Orphans Day

Ali bin Hussein (AS)

Ayatullah Khoei (R)

Excellences Of Hussein (AS)

Fatima Al-Zahra (AS)

Imam Ali (AS)

Imam Hassan (AS)

Imam Mahdi (AS)

Karbala Events

Khadija Kubra (R)

Life Of Imam Ali (AS)

Meaning Of AZA

Philosophy Of AZA



The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (AS)

Imam Hassan bin Ali al-Mujtaba (AS)

Imam Hussein bin Ali al-Shaheed (AS)

Imam Ali bin Hussein al-Sajjad (AS)

Imam Muhammad bin Ali al-Baqir (AS)

Imam Ja'afar bin Muhammad al-Sadiq (AS)

Imam Musa bin Ja'afar al-Kadhem (AS)

Imam Ali bin Musa al-Redha (AS)

Imam Muhammad bin Ali al-Jawad (AS)

Imam Ali bin Muhammad al-Hadi (AS)

Imam Hassan bin Ali al-Askari (AS)

Imam Muhammad ibn Hassan al-Mahdi (AS)

Fatima, The Radiant (AS)

Abbas - The Standard Bearer of Husain

Khadija, The Great Wife of The Apostle of Allah

The Tragedy of Kerbala. Part I

The Tragedy of Kerbala. Part II



The Advent Of The Most Noble Messenger  Prophet Muhammad

Imam Al-Sajjad (AS)

Our Duty during the Absence of Imam Mahdi

  The Camel
The Honeybee
The Mosquito
Evolution Deciet
Vast Rivers
Islams Gifts
Religion vs Darwinism
Seven Reasons
Male and Female Brains Differ
Comets and Ice
"The QURA'N, Knowledge, and Science"
"The HOLY QURA'N And Modern Science"
"Scientific facts in the Holy Quran"
"The Mountains" Pegs of the Earth
The Seven Heavens
Giving All Creatures Their Distinct Form
The Miracle Of Creation
The Quran and Science
Do You Know This Book?
Al-Fajr  As-Sadiq
History Of Sciences
Islam And Science
Science And Muslim Scientists
Embroyology In The QURA'N
The Amazing QURA'N
The Quran On Astronomy
The Quran On Mountains
The Quran Human Embryology
The Quran Oceans And Seas
The Quran On The Movement Of Clouds
The Quran On The Cerebrum
The Quran On The Shape Of The Earth
The Quran On The Expansion Of The Universe
The Quran On The Sensory Characteristic Of The Skin
The Quran Formation Of Iron
The Quran On The Lowest Part On The Face Of The Earth
The Quran On The Sequence Of Day And Night
The Quran On The Snow Age
The Quran On New Diseases
Determination Of The Greatest Speed
40 Days In The Womb
The Miracle And Challenge Of The Qur'an
Subjective and Deceptive Fossil Interpretations of the Evolutionists
A Brief History of the Theory of Evolution
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Miracles in the Eye
Co-operation Between Ants and Plants
The Deadlock of Molecular Evolution
The Quran and ScienceThe Quran and Science



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Considering Namaz to be insignificant.

Being disrespectful with parents.

Addressing parents by their names.

Walking in front of the aged.

Cursing one's own children and praying bad things for them.

Breaking ties with the relatives.

Managing the financial affairs without any consideration and prior thought.

False swearing.

Expressing greed.

A habit of lying.

Turning away the needy.

Rushing out of the mosque.

Going to the market before sunrise.

Taking a long time in the markets.

Buying bread from a "faqeer" - beggar.

Sleeping a lot.

Sleeping naked.

Eating while lying down.

Keeping the dishes undone ( not washing them).

Not honouring bread crumbs.

Not washing hands before and after eating.

Using all kinds of wood for a tooth pick.

Biting nails.

Combing hair with a broken comb.

Being stingy.

Lavish expenditures without a purpose.

Eating and drinking in a state of "Janabat".

Urinating in the shower.

Urinating while naked.

Shameless behaviour.

Not wiping the spider webs.

Keeping garbage in the rooms.

Sleeping while the sun is setting.

Listening to music.

Sitting at the main door.

Eating in an unclean and cracked dish.

Sleeping between the time for Namaz-e-Fajr and sunrise.

Wiping the hands and mouth with sleeves.

Sweeping the house at night.

Leaving the food and drinks uncovered.

Having an appearance of a beggar.

Not praying for the parents whether they are alive or dead.

Being severe with the wife in matters of food and clothing.

Being lazy.

Being lazy in the religious and worldly affairs and not working enough.

ya ali maddad             ya ali maddadya ali maddad