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WHY HIJAB? (The covering of oneself in Islam)Liberation or Sexploitation?
Allah states in the Quran 
What is Hijab?
How to do it correctly?
Baseless objections against it
Disadvantages of Discarding it
Advantages of observing it
It is also for men
Equal rights
What successful women have to say


Liberation or Sexploitation?
Today in some societies, particularily in the West a woman can walk semi-naked in public, swim topless, patronise bars adn clubs, smoke, drink, dance in discos and have sex with anybody she feels like. She can even serve her boyfriend, like an unpaid prostitute, adn be free to murder her unborn child if she falls pregnant. She can also compete in the business world by using her body to promote comercial commodities.
At the end of the day she will be regarded as a truly 'liberated' woman!!
In Islam, however, liberation of women is far more serious, noble and dignified than the burning of bras as is none in so-called permissive societies where the fair sex is regarded as no more than a sex object. Today the West is very quick to condemn Islamic laws which protect purity of purpose and intermingling of the sexes at all levels ofsociety.
Look at the glossy cover of any magazine or advertisements on T.V. and newspaper, you will find that most of these advertisements have scantily dressed women in alluring poses to attract the attention of men. This proves that the Western society considers woman only to be a sex symbol. The liberation of women in Islam is far superior to Western liberation as it allows women to live with respect, dignity and equality in society.
Equality does not mean aping and behaving like men or dancing to theri carnal tunes; that would be an act of inferiority in the face of one's own feminity.
A truly liberated woman always dresses decently and modestly. A true woman will never degrade her body and sell her dignity to the highest bidder. No woman is truly liberated is she is still the slave of her wayward consicence, bodily lust or infidelity. However, in Islam, women, whatever theri role as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, command respect and have a constructive role to play in society. The Hijab itself gives an aura of freedom to the womankind, facilitating their movement and protecting them form provocation and wanton greed of the human wolves. Removal of the Hijab makes you vulnerable to the lust of men. By removing your Hijab you have destroyed your faith. Islam means submission to Allah(S.W.T) in all our actions. Those who refuse submission cannot be Muslims.

In the Quran:
" And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display theri beauty adn ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof, that they should draw theri veils over their bosoms adn not display their beauty except to their husbands, tathers, husbands' fathers, sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women or the slaves whom their right hand possess or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sence of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! Turn ye all together towards Allah(S.W.T) that ye may attain Bliss (Surah 24:31)

What is Hijab?
There are many sisters who have failed to understand the actual meaning of Hijab. Hijab technically means covering. Islam desires the preservation of social tranquillity and familial peace. Hence, it asks women to cover themselves in their interactions with men, whom they are not related to, according to Islamic norms. And it asks them to lower their gaze and guard their modesty in their interactions with men, whom they are not related to.

How should women observe Hijab correctly
Basically, the dress of ladies should cover the whole body except the face and hand (ie. palms and fingers). Hair should not be exposed because Islam considers it as half of the total beauty of women. The Hijab could be of any form and color, a one-piece shawl or "chadar" or a three-piece ensemble, as long a it is not tight fitting and does not attract people's attention.

Baseless Objections against Hijab
(1) IT SEEKS TO IMPRISON WOMEN: Those who feel that Hijab imprisons women should refrain form living in houses because it is nearer to a prison than Hijab.
(2) IT SUBORDINATES WOMEN: In fact, culture which promotes nakedness takes people nearer to the culture of animals. Wearing the Hijab, on the contrary, liberates women form the trap of vulgar fashion and maladies. It gives them greater, reather than less freedom and mobility.
(3) WHY ONLY WOMEN?: Science has confirmed that visual stimulation plays a predominant role on the physiology of men compared to women. The fact that the sex-industry in the World is targetted towards the male-market confirms it.
(4) VICTIMS OF RIDICULE: Some of the sisters come up with the excuse that the non-believers laugh at them if they observe Hijab nad they feel degraded. They may laugh for a little while but after some time, they will have no choice but to respect the Muslim women observing Hijab for their discipline whcih could not be shaken by their little laughs. Let us not forget " The one who laughs last laughs the longest laugh".
(5) BEAUTY IS MEANT TO BE APPRECIATED: True! But only by the husband. Hence, women who truly love their husbands would never wish to be seen in public without Hijab. And those not yet married would like to keep their beauty for their future husbands and not become victim of "evil eyes".

Disadvantages of Discarding Hijab
(1) Becoming an easy target of anti-social elements.
(2) Causing great stress, insecurity nad suspicion in the minds of husbands.
(3) Instigating young people to deviate towards the path of lust adn immorality.
(4) Giving rise to cases of divorces, adultry, rape and illegitimate children.

Advantages of Observing Hijab
(1) Confidence in social participation as human being and not as a sexual commodity.
(2) Guarding oneself fro mteh lustful looks of men.
(3) Not deverting peoples's attention from contructive social work.
(4) Improving the moral character of society.
In conclusion women can achieve true dignity and experience true emancipation by observing Hijab and not by discarding it.

Hijab is also for men
Holy Quran Surah 24: 30
Say to the believing man that they cast down their glance. Allah (S.W.T.) is aware of the things they do.
To cast down one's glance means not to look in a fixed way, not to stare. The sentence implies " Tell the belivers not to stare at or flirt with women".

Equal rights for both sexes (Surah 49:13 in Quran)
Allah (S.W.T) has given equal rights to both men and women. He forbids either sex claiming supremacy over the other.
Allah (S.W.T.) states in the Quran : "The most honored of you in the sight of Allah (S.W.T) is (he who is) the most righteous of you" (Surah 49:13)
Hijab is one of the righteous deeds and it is a sign fo honor and equality with men and stands as a sheild of protection against evil men. A woman in Islam is bestowed with repect and honor and a Muslim gives great importance to his wife. Our Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H & H.F) Hadith says " The best of you are those who are best treating their wives"
The status of wife in Islam is so respectable that she is not bound to do any of the house-hold work unless she does it willingly and with affection; but if her husband forces her to do any work, he will have to answer for that to Allah (S.W.T). Also, she is not bound to earn and maintain the house of her husband. Her work shall always conform to the laws of Islam. The Muslim wife is a queen in her husbands house. The first thing a husband does for his wife is to provide a servand and a cook according to his financial capacity and when she becomes a mother, she recieves greatest of repect from her husband. Contrary to this is considered sin by Allah (S.W.T.)

Comments from some women
Dr.N.Z.Vakil : Medical Student
"It is amazing the way things changed overnight when I started on with Hijab. I can feel the extra respect coming my way. People take me more seriously, friends at college think it looks very neat and smart, and I feel protected and confident when I step out."
Reshma Qazi : Arts Student
The most important thing about Hijab is that it gives you an identity of a muslim. Moreover, it is another way of obedience to Allah's (S.W.T.) command. People often give me dure respect which I would have not go without Hijab. Travelling among men has become easy for me as it makes me feel safe and protected...."
Shehnaz Raj: College Student
I feel that at present when demoralization is increasing in the society, every woman should wear Hijab. It is the only thing which protects a woman and makes her feel secured
Mrs. Salva : Graphic Designer
In the modern society of today, a woman has always been looked upn as just another sexual object for men. Why should one display one's beauty for unwanted eyes to feast upon? The Hijab protects a woman's honor and doesn't arouse unwanted passion from the opposite sex. I feel if the women were to universally adopt the Islamic code of dressing ,the rate of incidences of eves-teasing, molestation, rape etc. would be negligible. Wearing the Hijab gives me more confidence in myself as a woman and it doesn't obstruct me in any way in my profession.
Aren't all what the above have said so true! I say Hijab is THE thing to do!

Note : Above information has been taken from World Islamic Network (WIN)

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